What tool do you use to evaluate #SystematicReview quality? We use DART

My colleagues and I will be asking this and other polling questions of the G-I-N North America Webinar attendees a week from today. If you haven't yet registered, you can sign up at


We'll be sharing our story of why we needed a different tool to evaluate the quality of systematic review while working for one of the largest healthcare systems in the US. As the founding members of the Evidence Based Care unit, we needed to quickly, reliably and consistently find and assess the available evidence to support quality improvement, patient safety, clinical decision support and supply chain purchasing. We needed to use existing systematic review. Unfortunately, the quality of reviews was inconsistent. No existing tool met all our needs, so we had to create our own.

We've received requests to share the story of our development and use of DART and to share the tool itself. We're delighted to now be able to share it with you. This webinar format will allow you to ask questions, and if you've tried the tool, to share comments about your experience. Please join us. We want to hear from you.

Want some homework before the webinar? You can read about the development of DART and even take DART for a test drive.

You can download a pdf of the publication

And you can download the DART tool