Today's the day to try out a new tool to evaluate #SystematicReview quality

Today G-I-N North America will host a webinar that features DART - the new tool to evaluate Systematic Reviews. I developed it with my colleagues at BJC Healthcare because we couldn't find an existing tool that met all our needs. We are clinical epidemiologists who were responsible for providing all evidence synthesis to support patient safety and quality improvement initiatives, clinical decision support and supply chain purchasing. Resource constraints meant we had to use existing systematic reviews. We needed a tool to help us and our student interns reliably and consistently evaluate the relevance and quality of the systematic reviews.

So we created one.

We piloted, tested, trialed, and revised until the tool met all our needs. We designed it for a specific target audience, ourselves. But as others learned of our tool, we got requests to share it. So we recently published the tool in an open access journal to allow those who'd like to use it to do so.

Today, during the webinar, we'd like to share it and discuss it with you.

You can go here to download the DART tool in the format we use and to read about the development of the tool.

And if you want to join us today, you have to register. Here's the address to sign up