Who is driving #populationhealth

What is population health management anyway? The short answer is, it depends on who you ask. There are many players in the population health space right now and their differing approaches and agendas are driving the confusion.

Why the sudden interest? In the US, healthcare is beginning a gradual change from its current focus on treating a single disease to helping whole people maximize their state of health and well being, and ultimately to helping whole groups of people be their healthiest. To do that we must improve the health status of people across the entire health spectrum, from preventing disease, through early disease detection, to managing the consequences of disease.

To help you understand the many drivers of interest in population health management, I created this diagram.

This diagram isn’t meant to add to your confusion but to explain some of the cause of the confusion. Let’s start on the right side of this slide, and I’ll describe each of the drivers and a little of their role.

So the many different drivers with their different goals is the reason you hear so many different definitions and buzzwords associated with population health management. These represent different pieces of the population health management puzzle. And organizations are choosing to focus on different parts of the puzzle as they approach population health management.


If you’d like to learn more about these drivers, you can download a free copy of the chart of Drivers of Interest in Population Health with links to the driver organizations and some of their resources.

TheEvidenceDoc 2016