Look for evidence before you leap into action.
— TheEvidenceDoc

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

You’ve started many new quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. You’ve invested organizational time and resources in the initiatives, and then you’ve watched as they were abandoned for the next big thing.

How many were successful?

How many were sustained?

How much did they cost?

I suspect that you aren’t completely satisfied with what you’re doing now and your results. Why?

Because you are looking for a better way.

Trial and error is an expensive approach. It wastes resources. Even worse, it depletes staff energy. Staff become disillusioned when the project they've invested their time and energy in is abandoned.  And while there are never guarantees that every initiative you begin will be successful for you, there are ways to stack the odds of success in your favor.

You can improve the quality and safety of the healthcare you deliver to your patients.

 TheEvidenceDoc can help.

You can learn skills to find and evaluate improvement projects before you commit

so those you choose are more likely to bring you success.


TheEvidenceDoc will show you how to add evidence-based methods to your QI toolbox.

Evidence-based methods help you identify the right care,

while Lean, Six Sigma, and PDSA help you identify

the right way to deliver the right care.

Both are necessary.

When you work with TheEvidenceDoc, you choose how to integrate evidence-based methods into your organization. 

  • Which interventions are most likely to create improvement - Choosing intelligently.

  • Does it work? - Separating hype and hope from real evidence of effectiveness

  • Could it work for you? - Evaluating relevance & applicability of the intervention

  • Can you make it safe to try? - Monitoring the safety of your patients

You can contract with TheEvidenceDoc on a project by project basis

You can also choose to have training built in to the project so your organization can make evidence based change a permanent part of your organizational structure.

Webinar and workbook based training fit into your schedule