Systematic Review

You need the best evidence obtained from systematic search for and evaluation of existing data. TheEvidenceDoc has many years of experience conducting systematic reviews for the creation of clinical practice guidelines for medical specialty societies and even more years of experience evaluating systematic reviews.  TheEvidenceDoc can evaluate and extract data from existing systematic reviews to provide relevant and reliable answers to your clinical questions.


Dr. Ireland presented at EvidenceLive2013 where she and colleagues were awarded top abstract. The topic was the development of the DART tool to evaluate the quality of systematic reviews. The tool provides advantages such as evaluation of multiple study designs in one tool, detailed documentation to support updates, and training tool for junior epidemiologists.

Dr. Ireland presented a critical appraisal of the many mammography screening guidelines at the 7th annual Guidelines International Network conference. You can download the full presentation here

Dr. Ireland presented at the 10th annual Guidelines International Network conference on the topic of Rapid Reviews. You can download the full presentation from their website here

Dr. Ireland has conducted systematic reviews and meta analyses for guideline developers, including the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American College of Chest Physicians.

Data alone is not Evidence!  Contact TheEvidenceDoc to help you find Data from conflicting and confusing studies and guidelines and turn that data into best evidence so you can act now!