You want to develop clinical practice guidelines for your members that are patient centered, based on current evidence, and address the most important clinical questions. Do you know the most effective and efficient process?

You want to improve healthcare quality without exhausting staff and resources. Do you know how to make that happen?

You want to embed evidence based guidance and clinical decision support into your organization. Do you know how to select or develop guidelines and decision support that are based on sound evidence?

You need an experienced guide. You need someone who can unlock the data and the evidence you need about what works and is safe. 

Dr Ireland has over 35 years of experience and is respected as an international adviser on the application of evidence based methods to guideline development and health care quality. She has developed guidelines and provided training in guideline development for the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Chest Physicians, and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has served on several National Quality Forum (NQF) and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Steering Committees and Technical Panels. She is peer reviewer for several major medical journals including JAMA Internal Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Annals of Family Medicine and CHEST. She has been an invited presenter at international conferences including the Guidelines International Network and EvidenceLive in Oxford. She has developed and delivered novel training programs and webinars for a wide variety of learners - from nursing and medical students to practicing clinicians and administrators. 

Dr. Ireland is a developer of new methods in research synthesis. She is a co-developer of the DART tool used by medical specialty society and hospital and healthcare organizations to evaluate the quality of systematic reviews.

Dr Ireland couples innovation with expertise in evidence based methods to deliver precision innovation to your organization. She's an experienced guide who can lead you on your best path to evidence based care improvement.

TheEvidencedoc has almost 40 years of experience finding, evaluating, and synthesizing the best evidence

TheEvidencedoc has almost 40 years of experience finding, evaluating, and synthesizing the best evidence

Meet theevidencedoc

To find a doctor that understands the “supply chain” of evidence-to-quality is like unearthing a gem. And when I say understand I’m not talking superficial; I’m talking depth - a depth that includes nuances and insight critical to solid data collection & interpretation; a depth that facilitates design of practical approaches to working the “supply chain” toward improved health outcomes; a depth permitting selection of relevant endpoints and goals. Belinda is a real world evidence-to-quality doctor!
— Mary Nix, AHRQ

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  • Developer of evidence based clinical guidelines, policies, and training

  • Adapter of national clinical guidelines for healthcare system implementation, point of care reference, and clinical decision support tools

  • National adviser to AHRQ technical panels and Evidence based Practice Centers

  • Committee member - National Quality Forum

  • Peer reviewer for major medical journals

  • Co-developer of the Documentation and Appraisal Review Tool (DART) for Systematic Review

  • Invited presenter at international conferences including Guidelines International Network, CHEST 2017, & EvidenceLive

  • Published author of numerous clinical epidemiology studies including comparative effectiveness and outcomes research (as Ireland B & Ireland BK)

  • Developer and presenter of numerous educational programs in evidence based medicine and epidemiology in medical schools, healthcare systems and medical publishing house.